Frequently asked questions

In this section you can find answers on frequently asked questions categorized into three main areas of our activity. If you did not find here needed information, please contact us.

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data (data with coordinates).
A raster data type is, in essence, any type of digital image represented by reducible and enlargeable grids. Raster data is computationally less expensive to render than vector graphics and is often used as background for vector data.

In a GIS, geographical features are often expressed as vectors, by considering those features as geometrical shapes. Vector data can be easier to register, scale, and re-project, which can simplify combining vector layers from different sources. Vector file sizes are usually smaller than raster data, which can be tens, hundreds or more times larger than vector data (depending on resolution). Vector data allows much more analysis capability.
Yes, we have broad network of international partners, so we offer maps from all over the world. The quality and content of map data can differ depending on country or region.
In MapInfo Pro you can open map data (TAB, SHP, DXF, GML, etc.), table data (XLS, DBF, CSV, TXT, MDB) and you can also connect to remote databases like Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle Spatial.
Yes, most of our software you can try as evaluation version. In some cases there is some preparation necessary on our side. If you would like to test some software, please contact us.
Generally yes. MapInfo contains very broad functionality, which is commonly used in many areas and industries (telco, finance and insurance, healthcare, government, industry etc.).
The price of complete solution consists of the price for the software, data and eventually service. Please contact us. We will create individual solution for you and prepare price offer based on that solution.
Yes, it is MapInfo Proviewer. It is simple map viewing software for MapInfo format data.
MapInfo Pro is geographic information system. It is software for spatial data analysis and visualisation. In optimization MapInfo is used for data import and visualisation, displaying routes on the map and for advanced analysis and editing.
Optimization means the process of searching for the best combination of routes for available vehicles. The best combination should be the cheapest and the best in keeping parameters.
Yes, both operations can have different (important) parameters. For example in first case is vehicle capacity very important, but in second case it is mostly not important at all.
Yes, you can use the "Frequency" parameter, which means, how often you have to visit some customer (for example 2x weekly, or 4x monthly).
MapInfo Pro uses coordinates XY. When you already have coordinates for all your customers, you can display them on the map with few clicks. When you have only addresses, you can use our software GeoMarker Pro for getting coordinates.
All main spatial data formats (MapInfo TAB, ESRI SHP, AutoCAD DWG/DXF, Microstation DGN,...) supports already the lowest Base Edition. You can look at summary of supported formats in this section: FME desktop - Specification.
The main difference between Editions is the amount of supported formats. Only Base Edition does not contain some Transformers. So you need to know, which data formats do you need to read and write and then look into formats gallery. If you need some advice, do not hesitate to contact us. jisti, kontaktujte nás.
Yes, you can download it from Safe Software website.
Yes, there is product FME Objects, which is contained in every FME Desktop installation. With this SDK you can use some FME functions and build it in you own application. Several programming languages are supported: C++, C, Com (VB), .NET, Java, Delphi and ArcView Avenue.
FME is designed to be very user friendly. You can design your translation in simple environment with no coding needed. Yes, there are hundreds of transformers, but for each one of it you have complete help.
Yes, you can design your translation and save it as .bat file. This file you can run from command line.